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With the new year fast approaching and the rush of the holidays coming to a pause, it is a good time to acknowledge where we are currently in terms of feelings, emotions, spirit, health, energy, and hence overall well-being. It is a great time NOW to become deliberate about creating the reality you would like to see manifesting. Many of us would agree that peace and well-being is a beautiful and optimal state of being and which allows for love and abundance to consistently flow in our lives. Peace and well-being happen most often when we are in a higher vibration state. Here are some tips on how to create a higher frequency right NOW in your life:

1. Choose High Vibration Thoughts and Affirmations: Your mind is a powerful tool that creates your reality. All thoughts become things. Pay attention to what you are thinking and notice what types of things you are thinking about. Is what you are thinking creating good feelings in your body? If not, you can simply observe that thought just as you observe trees passing when driving down the road. You notice the trees are there but you choose not to focus on them. When you don’t focus on the low vibration thoughts they can simply pass and be quickly replaced with better feeling thoughts. It really is that simple. It is a practice that requires less effort over time. Affirmations are a great way to instill thoughts that serve you into your belief system and subconscious mind. “I AM ENOUGH” and “I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM” are two of my favorite affirmations that can easily be written on a sticky note and attached to your mirror or dashboard in your car.

2. Exercise: Since we are on a physical journey as human beings and we’re given a body with five senses as well as many different physical capabilities, we MUST prioritize our physical health and also understand how the mind/body/spirit connection works. The mind and emotions can get stuck if it continues to just circulate within itself and we aren’t moving the energy through the body on a consistent basis. Often times people have unexplainable ailments in the body that according to many different metaphysical practitioners can be attributed to “stuck energy” or limiting beliefs manifesting in the body. Exercise is so beneficial in that it creates a physiological response that increase endorphins and serotonin which help the body and brain to feel good. Exercise also raises the body temperature to burn calories and energy. There is nothing that compares to the feeling you get after the good push of a hike, run, resistance training session, or yoga session, etc. Exercise helps to get you out of your head and into your body where you can get into a beautiful rhythm of breath, movement, and presence of your consciousness.

3. Practice Meditation and/or Prayer: Practicing meditation and/or prayer will allow you to let go and let God, relax, turn in and quiet the mind. This is a time to practice presence, become aware of your consciousness, your Creator, your wholeness, your divinity, give thanks, and be still. Meditation can be done in a comfortable position sitting up or lying down. You can focus on a mantra, use guided imagery, instruments, or complete silence. Prayer can be done anywhere, anytime, for any reason. There really is not a right or wrong way to meditate or prayer. Do what resonates with you and what shifts you to a higher state of awareness, gratitude, and consciousness. Both help to keep your Spirit alive and well.

4. Write a Gratitude List: Creating a gratitude list is a great way to start the day, end the day, transition to a higher vibration feeling, and can be done in any way from very simple to complex. The key to doing this is to do it on a daily basis. I find it helpful to have an accountability partner with whom I share my list with every night before bed, which so happens to be my lovely daughter. When you are grateful for what you already have, you bring yourself into the vibration of bringing more things to be grateful about in your life. Keep it simple. Try starting with 10 things and you will find that you’re running out of room on your paper to express all that you are grateful for.

5. Conscious Breathing: Often times throughout the day I will take the time to notice how I am breathing. Many times, especially when the mind is focused on thinking, we forget to breathe. Another time we may forget to breathe is when we are faced with emotions such as fear, anger, disappointment, etc. In the moment, if we can just remember to breathe, it can allow the emotions to pass through, just like the breath. Try taking a deep inhale through the nose, pause and hold, and exhale all of your breath out through the mouth. Just 3 simple breaths like this can really move energy and return you back to presence.

6. Bathe in Epsom Salt: I love taking Magnesium-rich Epsom salt baths on a regular basis. This is a good way to nourish the body with electrolytes that are lost and often not replaced when sweating. This is also a great way to eliminate toxins and wash away the stress of the day. Simply empty a few cups into warm bath water and soak for 15-20 minutes. I often perform chakra balancing meditations while soaking.

7. Lighten Up and Laugh More: Laughter is the best medicine and it can shift your energy for the better in a split second. Find a hillarious YouTube video or comedy movie that makes you laugh, call that one friend that always makes light of everything-they are in your life for a good reason and we all know at least one person like that. Make a funny face in the mirror or a goofy sound. Be a dork, learn to laugh at yourself and simply lighten up.

8. Play Feel Good Music: We are energy and vibration and so is music. Are you mindful of the music that is playing around you? Does the music you listen to have words? If so, are those words in alignment with all that you would like to manifest in your life? Do you know what the intention was of musician when they were creating it? It’s interesting what we become aware of when we choose to become aware. Once there is awareness, there is the responsibility of choice. What will you choose? I recommend being deliberate about the sound and message that you are listening to (when you have control over the selection) so that you can create the best possible feelings and reality for yourself.

9. Dance, Dance, Dance: Dance is such a flowing, creative, expressive part of human movement. It is such a healthy outlet for moving energy through the body while connecting with sound and spirit. Dance is like play and there are no rules when you allow yourself to really move without inhibition. Spend time dancing to really get in touch with the creative flow and energy that is infinitely within you.

10. Spend Regular Time Outside in Nature: Spending time outside will allow you to see abundance and beauty all around you. There is a clear reflection of perfection and divine order in all things. The warmth and brightness of sunlight, the freshness of the air outside, the sounds and aroma of nature heighten the capacity to get in touch with your senses (if you are blessed to have full function of all of your senses). Gratitude is an easy practice when you focus on the abundance that nature provides.

11. Consistently Choose Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods: Food is energy that provides nourishment, the capacity to heal, vibrance to the skin/hair/nails, and so much more. Live foods have live enzymes thus giving life to the body. Look to foods for nourishment and set your intention with what you want the foods to provide for your body. When I walk through the produce isle, I can almost hear the food singing to my cells-especially the food that is in season. Nature does a great job of providing the food for us when we need it most. Be sure to pick non-GMO organic especially for fruits, vegetables, and if non Vegan, animal products for the highest level of nutrient density.

The key to creating lasting change is consistency over time. Commit to picking ONE task and become consistent at it. Perhaps you choose ONE thing to practice each day and after three weeks, once it has become a habit, you choose another task to master. The list will continue to build upon itself and you will find that consistency over time has yielded a shift in your life that is bringing you to your highest good. Enjoy the gift of all that unfold in this magnificent NEW YEAR!