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 Sherrie Carnicle Fitness: The Journey

From Fitness Fanatic to Mind, Body, and Soul Coach

Serving my greater purpose to humanity through educating, coaching, and inspiring others to abundant health, wellness, vitality, and prosperity.

Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to discover who I am; what inspires me to live my BEST life; where this amazing journey has taken me; when I discovered my true passion; why I am so focused and driven to serve my higher purpose with you; and how I can help YOU achieve complete well-being in mind, body, and soul!

My passion for health and fitness began at a very early age thanks to my brother Paul, my aunt and Godmother Jayne, and my parents Roger and Kathy. My mother inspired me through her intense commitment to her exercise videos each and every morning performed right in the center of our living room. She seldom missed a day and I clearly remember her strong dedication as well as her fit and lean body. My mother was always in such great shape! My father was a rock solid guy with incredible Iowa farm strength. He was a power-lifter, a golden-glove boxer and paid allowance to my brother and I to do push-ups and sit-ups each night before bed. We always respected our father and did as he said. We really enjoyed making him proud and were grateful for the extra cash we gathered simply by making ourselves stronger and healthier. At the age of 6, I attended my first karate class with my brother. While I enjoyed karate, I had an even stronger desire to participate in gymnastics. At the time, I would watch with complete awe and admiration the 1984 Olympic gymnasts such as Mary Lou Retton and Nadia Comaneci. They were such strong, tiny, and aesthetically beautiful packages. They were my ultimate heroes. I had so much fun being a young gymnast until I was beginning to get too tall for the sport. Shortly before middle school I stopped gymnastics but never really stopped as each large patch of grass we came across was just another opportunity to tumble for my best friend Dawn and I.

In middle school I had the opportunity to commence team sports such as track and volleyball and loved them! In high school during my freshman year, I was accelerating in track and also began my journey with intense and heavy weight lifting for sports performance. By the age of 15 I was bench pressing more than my bodyweight and repping out full body dips with a 45lb plate around my waist. I had developed tremendous strength and gains as well as a passion for fitness and weight lifting. I had the opportunity to run Varsity track as a HS freshman, but at the time I was mentally unprepared which created great fear. To me it was too much pressure. In retrospect, I needed that experience to fuel the passion to help others overcome similar roadblocks that I had to success. Aside from track, I excelled in other various HS sports such as volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading (for the gymnastic outlet). My passion for fitness continued into my adulthood as I pursued my BS in Exercise Science at Western Illinois University, graduating with honors with a goal to be a successful personal trainer just like my aunt Jayne. My first personal training job out of college was at an LA Fitness in Paradise Valley, AZ. I absolutely loved it, but ended up needing to switch gears as I was blessed with my biggest purpose in life- my amazing daughter Hailee!! Hailee’s father and I decided to move our family back to Iowa where Hailee’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family resided. In Iowa the fitness industry wasn’t thriving at the time so I decided to personal train only part-time while I worked in the food industry as a research and development technologist. It wasn’t until after 5 years in the food industry with the last two having been relocated to Minneapolis that I knew I couldn’t continue supporting an industry that perpetuates the declining health of humanity and the obesity epidemic. I took a leap of faith, trusted my intuition and integrity and left “secure” corporate world for the opportunity to work full-time again as a personal trainer for a small new franchise called Fitness 19. Within 2 years after making the switch, I had helped completely transform the lives of 10 people who I helped lose 80-100 lbs. This was a defining moment for me. I knew that transforming and positively impacting lives was my higher purpose and calling in life. Amidst my transitions from new Mom back in Iowa, to corporate food industry employee in Minnesota,to W2 personal trainer, to single Mom, to business owner and entrepreneur coming full circle back to Arizona I had competed in over 14 figure and bikini competitions. Competing was an outlet and form of art and expression for me. My competition journey started in 2004, just 10 months after I had my daughter Hailee where I won figure overall and my pro card in NGA. I commenced again from 2006-2011 in both NPC Figure (2006-2008) and NPC Bikini(2009-2011), climbed to national level and placed within the top 7 for National-Level NPC Figure and top 6 for National-Level NPC Bikini. I am incredibly grateful to have learned so many valuable lessons through my experience as a bikini and figure competitor that I can apply to my clients to help them succeed emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. When it comes to competing, each person has a different story and personal growth journey along the way. People must also know their “why” for competing as it can leave a person feeling empty and unfulfilled without that deeper meaning. I know now if I were to step on stage again, there would be yet another deep meaning for me-and a very positive one at that!

Fast forward a few years to January 2013, I had met a wonderful person named Holly DeMott. Holly hired me as her trainer and had her own amazing transformation story. She had already lost 90lbs on a system called Isagenix and was living a life of complete freedom and fulfillment. Holly always came to each session motivated and with such a positive attitude, I wanted to know her secret. As I was struggling to find a lifestyle of balance and energy post-competition, I wanted to feel the same vitality that she radiated. I started on the Isagenix 30 day Cleanse for Life System and within just a few days was feeling tremendous energy and sleeping better than I had in months. As a person who ate a consistently clean nutrient-dense diet, I knew that this must be the missing link all along. This was such a big aha moment in my life! The scientist in me did some extensive research on why all of these things were improving for me and it all made sense. What I felt in my body, combined with the knowledge I had about nutrition fueled me with so much passion. I want everyone to feel what I feel. Knowing that there was a way to feel even better, vastly improves the quality of a person’s life. When you sleep well, you are a better mother, more productive worker, have more energy to stay fit, and so much more!

My life has exponentially improved with all I have learned, experienced, grown, and continue to grow and serve.

For_Bio_StageNow with more than a decade in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutritionist, I have had tremendous success in helping thousands of people improve the quality of their lives though a balance of fitness, nutrition, mindset coaching, and lifestyle mentoring.

When people are clear about their purpose in life and know their “why” for living life to its fullest, health and well-being becomes a priority and as a result many other areas of life begin to improve as well. I am committed to providing success tools, inspiration, honest feedback, and a complete well-being lifestyle program designed to optimize your health and fitness level, expand your self-awareness, and inspire you to make choices that lead you to your highest potential in mind, body, and spirit! My divine purpose is to coach YOU to become your BEST self! Positive change begins with YOU and your dedication to yourself. Your commitment guarantees your results and through my program you will receive the tools needed to plan ahead for success.

Whether you are looking to improve your body composition, to enhance your sports performance, overcome mental barriers, to love yourself more, get ready for an event such as a wedding, photo shoot, or a fitness competition, prepare your body for child birth or improve the functionality of your body and maintain independent living, I will help you achieve any goal you set your mind to. I am incredibly passionate about personal growth and development as well as serving others and am loving the value of each and every day of this journey to serve my purpose! We attract what we put out into the Universe and I am calling out to connect with ALL who share the same passion to grow and expand. I know that I am simply a vessel for God. Truth and love will shine through me allowing me to serve my highest purpose in life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing gift of life.


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