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Mind, Body, and Soul Integration Videos

TravelFit TV

No gym? No problem! Learn with these videos how to make the most of your environment by getting creative. Instead of letting travel be an excuse or barrier to your commitment to health, seek to go deeper, connect, get into your body and move. Grab a jump rope, find a jungle gym, run in the sand, and get your daily dose of Vitamin D while connecting to Mother Earth.

Alternative Health Modalities 

Red Light Therapy: It has been proven time and time again in clinical studies that red and near infrared light promotes healthy cellular function-helping you look younger, heal faster, and feel better. Some of the benefits include skin health, muscle recovery, athletic performance, sexual performance, mental clarity, relief from joint discomfort and inflammatory conditions, body contouring, relaxation and sleep.

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Compassion Is My Mission

One of the greatest gifts I can share is my own personal experience and perspective on human compassion. Compassion is an understanding that we are intricately woven in a way that is completely unique based on many factors including our soul, personality or Ego- the more limited part of who we are that includes what we often describe as our humanity. The values, fears, vision, insecurities, skills and talents, habits, wiring, hormones, biology, belief systems, ancestral wounds/karma, and so much more.  Knowing we are all different, we must let go of the expectation that other people need to behave in a way that makes sense to us or that resonates with our heart. It has been said that “Hurt people hurt people” meaning that ignorant or unkind behavior usually stems from something much deeper. And knowing this doesn’t excuse the poor behavior, yet instead would make a compassionate human come from curiosity vs judgement about the behavior. It’s about being discerning still while creating healthy boundaries and if necessary sending love and compassion from afar.

Postural Integrity

The Human Experience