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Nutritional Counseling
  • Learn how to nourish your cells, optimize your hormones, stabilize your mood, recover and repair from workouts, develop lean, strong, physique and vibrant skin through a lifestyle of healthy, mindful nutrient-dense eating. Ditch the word “diet” and replace it with “a balanced lifestyle of mindful healthy eating”.
  • Nutritional Coaching Program:

    Program includes 60 minute initial nutrition consultation, customized meal plan with exchanges, unlimited Voxer messaging for first month, weekly 15 minute coaching call, access to private Facebook coaching group, success tools/apps, recipes, body composition and fitness analysis (for in-person/local coaching only), and 2 -30 min follow up appointment with assessments at weeks two and four.

    Initial Investment: $250 (includes initial 60 min + 2 x 30 min follow up/assessment)
    Continuing Education/Coaching: $75 – Follow-up 45 minute phone/zoom/in person (local clients) session.

    Plan Costs

    Corporate/Small Business Wellness Lunch Talk:

    60 minute power point/presentation and Q&A’s on nutrition and wellness topics that expand awareness and foster an environment of health and well-being. Enhance team productivity, decrease the number of employee sick days, and improve energy and camaraderie between employees when more people are on board with prioritizing their health.

    Nutrition & Wellness Presentation