Interview with Arizona Foothills Magazine: Sherrie Carnicle’s Hot Body Secrets

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Boost Your Protein Shakes w/ Nutrient Dense Greens

Sherrie Carnicle, BS, CPT


One of my favorite ways to add more greens/nutrients to my diet is to add a couple of handfuls of baby spinach, kale, or a scoop of Green Vibrance to an ice blended protein shake. Usually a scoop of Natural Whey Protein, ice, unsweetened almond milk or water, and any of the listed greens can boost your nutrient intake without having to eat a salad. So go ahead and drink your greens :)

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My Top 10 Picks for iPhone Apps

Check out the following iPhone Apps for Fitness/Nutrition:

1. Lose it! Great app for tracking nutrition and caloric expediture.

2. MapMyRun: Track your running mileage, pace, routes and share with friends. 

3. Tabata Pro: Timer makes great variable tabata style interval workouts.

4. iMuscle: For exercises with anatomy chart/tutorial checkout this app.

5. Soundcloud: Attention music lovers! Create your favorite playlists to get you through all of your intense workouts:)

6. Pic Collage: Post your progress pics in before/after side by side format with this app.

7. Self-Help: Start your day with positive spiritual quotes!

8. Instagram: Share your fitness progress to inspire and to keep accountability for yourself:)

9. TuneIn Radio: Music stations all over the world for an extra cardio session boost.

10. SoundHound: Hear a song that you really like but don’t know the artist? SoundHound can detect the song so you can add to your favorite workout playlist.

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Register For SCF Spring Bootcamp ASAP! Alegria Apartments Poolside and Gym (40th Street & Greenway Phoenix)

Summer is around the corner and time is approaching quickly to get into your bathing suit.  Are you ready? Do you want to look your best and feel confident so that you can focus on having fun rather than insecurities that interfere with being able to just relax and enjoy your friends and family?  I am determined to help you get into the BEST shape of your life. Through proper coaching and nutritional guidance, as well as a fun and intense group environment to motivate and encourage you, you can be your BEST this summer. What are you waiting for?? Call NOW to register! 952-426-8839 or Email


Class meets M,W,F from 6:45am-7:30

4 Week Session $125/person


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Need a Personal Trainer During Your Scottsdale Vacation?

Offering personal training, competition posing and nutrition consultation services at 2 locations: JW Marriott’s Camelback Resort and private North Scottsdale studio. Let me help you stay on track during your vacation.  Contact me ASAP to set up your appointment.

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End Your Limiting Beliefs-Create A New Story

I have been going to an amazing church called Unity and have already noticed myself becoming more conscious about my thoughts, words, and actions.  I attended the Wednesday evening worship service last night and found it to be very spiritually fulfilling.  The message “Let your ‘Yes’ be Yes! and Your ‘No’ be NO!” reminded me to practice “Denying Myself” a deeper sense of meaning-Deny the claims of error consciousness, and declare these claims to be untrue. If you deny pain, sickness, poverty, old age, clumsiness…it cannot have power over you.  So putting this into practice this morning-at 5:30am-I had a client tell me she was uncoordinated.  I responded by saying, “No, you are not-don’t limit yourself to that belief-you are coordinated, you just need to affirm to yourself that you are”  so after the next set we tried the same attempt at an exercise requiring coordination..and after a little mind conditioning-she was very graceful in her next attempt.  I am glad that I can impact lives by what I am taught, as well as continue practicing it in my own life..God bless!

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My Inspiration, My Heart

Each and every day I am blessed to wake up to the most beautiful, precious, pure love of my life and  I am inspired to always do my best. Thank you Hailee for allowing me to love you and be the best Mom I can be.  Thanks to my mom Kathy for teaching me how to love and starting me on an amazing spiritual path.  This is where passion begins…with the ability to LOVE <3


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Scottsdale Female Personal Trainer

Call NOW to schedule your free personal training consultion.  NOW is the time to allow me show you the way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.  Be passionate about your health and your life.  Continue to bulid a body that will last you a lifetime. Learn new techniques and have fun while creating amazing balance, strength, and endurance.  Fit into those clothes you have longed to wear for years!  Do it today:) 952-426-8839

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Bikini, Figure, Fitness Posing Scottsdale

Learn how to present your hard earned physique to the judges. Your presentation is KEY to your competition success.  Feel confident, learn what angles are BEST for your body and create a routine that works for you to present your personality. Let me go over all the secrets to shining on stage.


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